Mobile Apps:

We develop mobile apps with attention to both form and functionality.

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Custom Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Client Specifications & User Experience

Our apps both meet our clients’ needs and provide a positive end user experience. We have developed apps for multiple sectors, including the sports, retail and smart appliance markets.

Cost-Effective Cross-Platform Technology

We work cost-effectively using cross-platform technology so that you don’t have to commission separate Android and iOS software projects.


Custom Software:

We are experienced developers of desktop and web / cloud-based software applications.

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Custom Software Development

Bespoke Development

We use cross-platform technology to build applications that run on Windows, macOS and Linux. We provide bespoke backend development rather than off-the-shelf solutions.

Databases & Software Solutions

We also design and build software applications and databases that streamline your business. These custom applications automate your systems and processes and provide insights into your operations.


Embedded / IoT Products:

We are specialists in building Embedded Systems / Internet of Things (IoT) products ranging from tiny low-power devices to more advanced Embedded Linux and RTOS designs.

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Embedded Systems & IoT Products

Connected Devices

We create smart, connected devices and can also develop the surrounding software in-house, including cloud backends and mobile/desktop applications.

Embedded Video Technology Specialists

We have specialised experience in developing embedded video technologies, including video and audio recording, playback and network streaming.

More about embedded expertise