Software development projects can take you to some unexpected places…

Software development can seem like a “dry” topic. That said, we hope that this post offers a glimpse into the amazing places that working on custom development projects can take us.

One of our specialist areas of expertise is embedded video and sensor technologies. For some time, we’veĀ been working on animal-tracking projects – including cameras recording “whale’s-eye” footage and sound. As part of this work, we’ve recently been working on some humpback whale hydrophone recordings (a hydrophone is a microphone designed to be used underwater).

Our devices have recorded sounds that at first seem other-worldly and alien. But, as you listen further, the recognisable patterns of communication emerge.


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Humpback Whale

Whether you’re whale-watching or making waves with your business, we can help…

When we say we’re custom software developers, we really are up for the challenge of meeting the specifications of any project. And providing bespoke software solutions that solve any kind of problem for our clients is just as rewarding as our undersea adventures.

Whether it’s on land or sea, we’d love to go on our next journey with your custom software development project. We’re always happy to talk through a potential project, so please drop us a line.


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